Natures finest quality since 1850

    Unique Selling Points

  • Vincent van Gogh based his colours on the colours of our pickles. Vincent van Gogh wrote this in 1877 in his journal. Historians allied to the Van Gogh museum have investigated this and came to the conclusion that the yellow, red and green off our pickles match the colours Van Gogh used for his famous pictures.
  • We still use the same secret recipe prepared in 1850 by our forefather Isaac de Leeuw .Therefore we are the oldest pickle company of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. A claim made by others also but we are the only company that has never been sold to people outside the family. We are the oldest family pickle company still using the same old secret recipe.
  • Natures best and finest quality since 1850.The onions and gherkins used to make our pickles are from the highest quality available. This we guarantee.
  • Surprisingly long self-time. The vinegar only contains natural ingredients. This means for example that there are no ingredients to keep the pickles longer eat-able. But still our pickles are sustainable for two years.
  • Two in one jar. Everything in the jar is eat-able. The vinegar can for example be used as an salad-dressing. Something that's not possible with the vinegar of other pickles.
  • Our pickles fit into low fat and calorie diets and have therefore a low fat/calorie stamp on the labels.
  • Superb and distinctive taste. Our pickles do not taste sour but sweet sour. Due to this taste our pickles taste completely different then other pickles. The pickles taste sweet/sour, fresh and delicious.
  • Our pickles are an honest, delicious and quality guaranteed product. We simply don't have to underline this fact by using a special label. Therefore we don't have an excellent, black or other special kind of label.
  • The best choose the best. We are the sole-provider to Dutch Michelin Star restaurants and renowned hotels such as the Okura hotel (member of the Leading Hotels of the World group).
  • A typical Dutch herring bought at a fishmonger on one of the bridges at the famous Amsterdam channels is not complete without our gherkins and pickles. Therefore authentic fishmongers only sell their herring with our gherkins and pickles.
  • Our authentic shop is the only authentic pickle shop that still exists in Amsterdam and surroundings.
  • Although we are just a small pickle company we are worldwide known to have the best and tastiest pickles on this planet.
  • Once people have tasted our pickles they don't want other pickles anymore.