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Our Amsterdam Shop.

Nathan De Leeuw inherits the business from his farther. After the Second World War Nathan is the only surviving member of his family after the holocaust. His children Isie, Gerrit and Greta de Leeuw are forced in 1960 to stop selling door to door. Prosperity has brought cars to Amsterdam. The narrow streets are packed with cars and the traffic is to busy. The city of Amsterdam decides that it is no longer safe to sell pickles door to door with a wheelbarrow. By this time the De Leeuw family is the last family who sells the pickled pickles prepared with the same recipe as in 1850. A few families sold their recipe to a larger company. But most of the families died during the Second World War, because they where Jewish like the De Leeuw family.

Forced by the new regulations “De Leeuw pickles” opens a shop. They still use the same secret recipe as their forefather Isaac. The shop at the Vrijheidslaan in Amsterdam becomes quickly known throughout the whole of Amsterdam. Slowly but steady the brand "De Leeuw" continues growth. During the 80ies the son of Greta de Leeuw starts working within the family business as a sales manager. “De Leeuw pickles” starts to deliver to the large wholesalers in The Netherlands and Freddy drives with his car throughout The Netherlands to supply shops. Freddy Ooms does not have any niches, cousins, brothers or sisters. So Freddy is the only beneficiary of his two uncle’s and mother.

In 1990 Freddy and his wife Monique become the fourth generation De Leeuw to continue the family business. The family name only changed into Ooms. But the brand “De Leeuw pickles” keeps it’s name because it means excellent quality of pickles with superb colours and astonishing taste. During the 90ties the shop of “De Leeuw pickles” becomes known in The Netherlands. Because of the Jewish inheritance the shop is also open on Sunday. On Sundays it becomes common that people from al over The Netherlands drive out to the authentic shop and buy their pickles. The shop hasn’t changed much since the 60ties so people feel the authentic atmosphere the shop has. Close by the authentic shop are a lot of hotels so International travelling people discover the shop. Tourists, business people, flight crews and so on become regular costumers. A Amsterdam visit isn’t complete without visiting our authentic pickle shop. Or shop is open on Thurday, Friday and Sunday from 09.00 am till 06.00 pm. If you want to read more about our shop please use the link below. Looking forward to see you in our shop.