Natures finest quality since 1850

Amsterdam onions large 720 ml

Amsterdam onions small 720 ml

Gherkins whole size a/b 720 ml

Gherkins whole size c 720 ml

Gherkins sliced 720 ml

Two in one jar fits into a low fat and calorie diet.

In 1850 our forefather Isaac de Leeuw prepared our secret recipe for the first time. Isaac only used natural ingredients and the vinegar had to taste delicious. After a lot of testing Isaac found the perfect vinegar. Because of it's exceptional taste and natural ingredients the vinegar can be used as a salad dressing. This makes our vinegar unique and therefore one of it's kind. Everything inside the jars can be eaten.

Next to the fact that everything in our jars can be eaten and used to prepare for example a salad our pickles fit into a low fat and or calorie diet. Cucumbers, onions and gherkins contain no fat and are are also low calorie. Next to this we only use natural product to prepare our vinegars. We don’t use any customised sweeteners to sweeten the vinegars we prepare. We let mother nature do her work to sweeten our pickles. Isaac already did this back in 1850 so why should we chance this. A traditional recipe and preparation do not need to be changed if it is not necessary. To date we still meet the high demands set by HHACP regulations.

Below you can find some recipes to prepare salads.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that the gherkins, onions and cucumber we use to prepare our pickles are of the highest quality. If a harvest of for example gherkins doesn't meet our quality standards we simply don't buy this harvest and we will keep on searching for a gherkins that meet our quality standards.

Our forefather Isaac de Leeuw made the promise to only sell the highest quality in 1850 a promise we honour. Nowadays we see pickles appear in supermarkets with black labels, excellent labels or hand peeled labels on their jars. We simply don't have such a label because since 1850 we already guarantee natures finest quality pickles. Our pickles don't need a special label on their jars. A higher quality gherkins, onions and cucumbers we use to prepare our pickles, there is simply not, that we guarantee. Quality doesn't need a Black label.

Vincent van Gogh

In 1877 a young men lives with his uncle and aunt at the Naval base in Amsterdam. This Naval base is close to the neighbourhood where our family sells pickles. The pickles displayed in a wheelbarrow catch the eye of this young man. The young man is studying in Amsterdam, but in his heart he wants do something completely different. He wants to paint. His uncle already told him that the pickles of "De Leeuw" taste exceptional. On a given day the young men walks through the streets close to the Naval base in Amsterdam. Then he spots the wheelbarrow of Isaac de Leeuw and his family. Astonished by the colours of the pickles displayed on the wheelbarrow he buys some. The pickles taste as delicious as his uncle told him but the beautiful colouration the pickles have he has never seen. Colours so beautiful that this young man Vincent van Gogh uses these colours for the famous paintings he would paint.

1990 is not only a memorable year in our family company history because Monique and Freddy take over the family business. 1990 is also the Vincent van Gogh year in The Netherlands. Historians of the Vincent van Gogh visit our pickles shop in Amsterdam . These historians want to study the colours of pickles and compare these colours with the paintings of Vincent van Gogh. This because Vincent van Gogh mentions in his dairy that he is going to use the beautiful colours of the pickles "de Leeuw" sells for his paintings. The historians take a assortment pickles with them to the museum and start to study and compare the colours of the pickles with the colours used to paint the paintings by Vincent van Gogh. After a study and comparison they come to one final conclusion. The colours Vincent van Gogh used to paint his famous pictures perfectly match the colours of our pickles.

Since the day the historians told us their final conclusion we are proud to say that Vincent van Gogh used the colours of our pickles to paint his famous pictures. This is what our pickles have got do with the famous colours of Vincent van Gogh.